WAIVER OF LIABILITY: By signing this document the person whose signature appears below acts as representative of the team and agrees to the following: I hereby release, discharge and waive all claims of any type against Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce (LSACC) and/or any Sponsor and any persons officially connected with this event, including the Tournament Committee, from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY INJURY, LOSS CLAIM OR DAMAGE OF ANY TYPE ARISING OUT OF/OR RELATED TO OR CAUSED BY PARTICIPATING IN THIS OR ANY EVENT, ACTIVITY OR ACTION OCCURRING AT OR DURING THIS OR ANY COMPETITION SANCTIONED BY LUDINGTON & SCOTTVILLE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decline entry or participation by any person, team or boat, as deemed necessary, to ensure such things as integrity, image, reputation, financial performance and community relationships with sponsors, participants and supporting groups. I acknowledge receipt of the rules and regulations, certifying and consenting to have shown copy of it to all team members and agree that I will abide by all tournament rules and will accept the decision of the tournament rules & protest committees and agree that the decision of the tournament rules & protest committees will be final and I will PURSUE NO ACTION contesting any decision of the rules & protest committees. I am fully qualified and have experience in events such as this and am of legal age and capacity. I assume all responsibility for team members under the age of 18. I understand that all photos, video or any other materials that may be used for future promotion are property of LSACC. I understand that all applicable taxes are the responsibility of the winners. I state that I have read this document in full and understand that I am giving up all rights to damages from injuries to any person and/or property, as well as giving up all rights to seek damages as a result of the tournament rules, protest or full committee decision. My signature appears voluntarily with full knowledge of the rights I have under the law. I fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein. I am under no disability, legal, physical or mental condition that impairs my ability to sign.